Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Juniors have been VERY busy! By Room 6a and 6b

This term, we have been doing a lot of learning and also having some fun. 
This is what we have been up to, by Room 6a and Room 6b:

  • Some of our writers, have been doing great and awesome narratives. 
  • We have been learning different languages, like Samoan, Romanian and Te Reo Maori.
  • We know even more ways to say Hello, like in Filipino, Dutch, Spanish, Irish, French, Polish, Romanian, Indian, Australian, Mandarin and Japanese. 
  • We had Malo, she is Phoenix, Lachie, Mollie and Sophie's Nan. She taught us Samoan and our song.
  • Alexandra's Nanna taught us a Romanian song and dance. 
  • We have really good goals for maths. "My goal was teen facts, it's easy now!" said Riley P. "My maths goal used to be counting in 5's and now I know it!" said Paloma. "I found the 2 x table really hard, then I got it," said Nisharn. "I used to not know how to count in 5's, but now I do," said Tessa.
  • "We did Samoan art, we made a Siapo cloth," said Iosefo. "I know the colours of the Siapo Cloth," said Mefi, "they are brown and black."
  • "Mrs Hainsworth came to RE one day and taught us a song called Welcome to the Family," said Liam.
  • "We made birds from the Phillipines," said Matthew. "They were Sarimanok birds," said Yechiel.
  • "We made Frangipani from Samoa," said Lucas. In Samoan, we call these Pua.

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