Friday, 13 March 2015

Pumpkins, pictures and Snake Cake in Room 1

Friday 13 March
What a way to finish the week.  We finally cut up our big pumpkin but not before the children sketched it first.  As we cut it smaller and smaller the children's sketching got better and better. (It will be displayed in our room soon)

After a morning of sketching we spent the afternoon making and eating Snake Cake.  This week for our Shared reading we read the Big Book called The Snake Cake.  It was about a Queen who was tired of " Orange cakes and Lemon Cakes and Cakes with sultanas..."  So the children in the kingdom made her a different cake. 
We had a great time working in groups icing biscuits, sticking them together and decorating our Snake Cakes.  The highlight had to be the eating of them - of course.

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