Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Working together to keep our School clean

Wednesday 1 July
As part of or Topic we went on a rubbish collecting mission around the school.  As part of topic this term we have been looking at the Hutt River, how we use it, where our water comes from and how we can help to keep it clean.  We have talked about how rubbish can  make it into the River and make the water unsafe for us to use.
We found an unbelievable amount of rubbish around the school.  We had 6 groups, each with a supermarket bag, and all the bags were pretty full.
Most of the rubbish was picked up on the field and around the middle school block.
We showed our bags of rubbish to Mrs Cole who told us that Room 2 had been out rubbish collecting yesterday and collected 3 supermarket bags full of rubbish.
How well are you caring for our environment???


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