Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Paper Planes - Photos and stories

Paper Planes
By  Ethan P

On Monday we got a piece of paper.  Then we made a plane.  We made a paper plane by ourselves.  Then we went outside for the BIG Fly Off.  My plane was good at flying. 

Making Paper Planes
By  Julius H

On Monday we made Paper Planes.  The Super Room 1 writers made the planes.  I went to Jaydens table.  Then I chose a Jayden plane.  Then we had a fly off.  My white plane went far.  My coloured piece of paper plane came last. 

Paper Planes
By  Jemma H

On Monday 24/8/2015 Room 1 writers had a fly off. We all made paper planes.  First Mrs Causer gave us our coloured paper.  I got the colour blue.  Second we went and sat at a table.  Third we started to fold the piece of paper.  I forgot to tell you , I was at the instruction table.  At last we went outside to fly our paper planes.  It was FANTASTIC to have a race. 

Flying Paper Planes
By  Katie J

On Monday, Room 1 writers made paper planes.  First Mrs Causer gave some paper to the helpers.  I got yellow paper.  I liked that.   Then we chose the table to sit at.  I chose the instructions table.  Then we made them.  Mine was little.  Then we went outside and had a race.  Mine did not get past the line.  The line was white and there were two white lines.  For the next race Mrs Causer took photos.  I love my aeroplane.  I felt very very happy flying my aeroplane. 

Paper Aeroplanes
By Ariel V

On Monday Room 1 made paper planes.  I went to the Jayden table.  He taught me how to make a paper plane.  We flew our paper planes.  We went to fly them outside in the quad.  

Room 1 writers make Paper Planes. 
By Maddix B

Room 1 writers made paper planes.  First there were three tables.  Jayden, instructions and make your own.  Mrs Causer and her helpers put some coloured paper on the tables.  Mrs Causer said " on your marks, get set, make your planes!" So we made our planes.  After that we put our name on it.  Then they were ready to fly.  So we went outside to fly them.  But... OH! NO! It was raining.  So we quickly flew them and we were done.  We went inside.  We had so so much fun.  I hope we can do it again. 

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  1. Cool, I like your paper planes. I bet you are all experts now :o)