Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Week 2 Term 4 2014

Week 2 Term 4 2014

For our discovery/inquiry/RE this week, the Junior Syndicate were learning to...

  • Using our kind words to solve problems. 
  • To share our equipment. 
  • Create things that are in our community. 
  • Create things that we DO in our community.
We had so much fun! You will be able to see some of our photos if you have a look below...
Next week, we are going to bring our milk bottle lids, that we can use for money for our amazing cafe!

Look at this amazing construction site! They are building a tunnel. 

Here is a special prayer area in our community. 

Look at the busy cafe - they were serving lots of treats!

Mmm some tasty rose soup for sale for $2.50!

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