Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Week 3 Term 4 2014

For our discovery/inquiry/RE this week, it rained!! It was also very windy, so we had community discovery in our own rooms. 

In 6a and 6b we were...
  • Using our kind words to solve problems. 
  • To share our equipment. 
  • Create things that are in our community. 
  • Create things that we DO in our community
This week, we had a surgical team! They helped someone who was not well. We also had a bank, complete with homemade coins and banking slips. Lily created a community newspaper for us and Carter was busy being the Mayor of Upper Hutt. He made some rules like, "No TV." Our cafe workers didn't have their tea set today, so they created their own cafe. Fae and Mrudula were busy looking after babies and Callum and Douglas created an amazing train track!

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