Thursday, 27 November 2014

Week 5 Discovery

We had a talk about what we know already
There are lots of different jobs in our community, like roofing companies - Riley P
People that help us - said Tessa
There are people that you see each day - Libby
There are people that love us - Ella
There are houses and streets in our community - Liam
The people in your neighbourhood - Madi C
The Church is part of our community - Alexandra
The school is part of our community - Paloma
We are part of our community - Noah

For our Discovery, we:
Cared for other people
Treated other people with respect
Shared the equipment with other people
Walked when we were inside. 
Created things for our community
Visited Mr Hey's truck - he works in our community. 

We had so much fun!  Look at this truck driver!

This is what the back of the truck looked like - it was so much fun having a run around in the back of a truck! We found a box of....BANANAS!

We also erected a tent in discovery! Can you see the campfire at the front? Some people in our community like to go camping. We learnt how to put the tent together, and take it down carefully. 

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